Watch a film, attend a workshop, meet the directors!
A three day festival for the whole family.

Friday November 10, 2023

3:00 PM - 5:00 PMFriday Afternoon Screening Feature & Film BlockBUY TICKETS
Our Turn to Talk, 60 Min.

Our Turn to Talk

A digital-first documentary about the mission to end stigma around mental health challenges, starting with the next generation. In this character-driven film, we go behind the scenes of a podcast production bringing together teens from all walks of life to use storytelling to bravely share their mental health journey without fear, shame or stigma.​

7:00 PM - 8:30 PMFriday Night Screening Event & Feature & Film BlockBUY TICKETS
Superpower Dogs, 46 Min.

Superpower Dogs

Join us on an immersive adventure to experience the life-saving superpowers and extraordinary bravery of some of the world’s most remarkable dogs. As we discover the astonishing science behind their amazing abilities, we’ll never look at our best friends the same way again!

Saturday November 11, 2023

10:00 AM - 11:30 AMStudent-Made Documentaries Film BlockBUY TICKETS
Ball For All, 9 Min.

Ball For All

Refusing to allow his Cerebral Palsy diagnosis to diminish his competitive nature and desire to play sports, Nick Weiss paved his own path: ultimately inspiring youth to do the same. This is his story.

Different, Not less, 4 Min.

Different, Not less

Different, Not Less, explores the personal and authentic view of Alexandra’s (the filmmaker) acceptance of her late autism diagnosis as a 17-year-old (voiced through a journal entry).

Frank, 5 Min.


“Frank” is a short documentary that features Frank Arroyo, the longtime owner of a historic bike shop in the Lower East Side of New York City. The film is a brief portrait of his life, memories, and captures the contributions he’s made to the community of bike enthusiasts living in the city. We explore key events and his influence on the community through customer testimonies, interviews, and historical photos.

Ngaben, 11 Min.


The cremation ceremony in Bali, Indonesia

On Different Stations, 4 Min.

On Different Stations

A look at local trains and the excitement and happiness they can bring.

A short film made by Raw Art Works. 


Pioneers on the Ice, 8 Min.

Pioneers on the Ice

This film tells the story of the first black NHL player and current efforts to make hockey a more inclusive sport.

Skin Deep, 12 Min.

Skin Deep

A documentary interviewing teenage girls, who attend an all-girls school, about beauty standards and their effects.

The Rock Pool Waltz, 8 Min.

The Rock Pool Waltz

During COVID lockdown, a boy’s affinity with nature eases his loneliness and leads to an incredible friendship.

The Transcontinental Railroad and The Forgotten Chinese Workers, 10 Min.

The Transcontinental Railroad and The Forgotten Chinese Workers

A documentary short on the Chinese workers that were recruited to build the Transcontinental Railroad. Interviews with several Stanford professors and historians tell the forgotten story of the Chinese workers contribution to the development of America and the injustice the workers faced during and after the construction.

10:30 AM - 12:00 PMKids in Community! Shorts for Middle Schools and Above Film BlockBUY TICKETS
AIKANE, 14 Min.


A mysterious youth uses his shapeshifting powers to rescue a valiant warrior wounded in battle against foreign invaders. The real adventure begins when they fall in love.

Bay Creek Tennis Camp, 9 Min.

Bay Creek Tennis Camp

“Bay Creek Tennis Camp” is a timely and refreshing take on the cross-generation disconnect around gender inclusivity. In the film, Coach Charlie has been doing things his way for decades. But the Generation Alpha kids who join his camp this year won’t stand for being split by gender—and they decide to teach him a lesson in a charming and amusing way.

I am Kanaka, 15 Min.

I am Kanaka

A local hero fights to save his culture by teaching Hawaiian language, sustainability and life skills to disadvantaged kids.

I Won't Stand For It, 29 Min.

I Won't Stand For It

Miyawata is a 15-year old Indigenous activist from Winnipeg, Canada, who never hesitates speak up for what she believes in. To protest the injustices that her people have faced throughout the history of Canada, she refuses to stand for the National Anthem. She’s on a mission to help Indigenous voices be heard and included. And she’s the very first organizer of school strikes for the climate in her hometown. The climate movement in Winnipeg had big momentum… until COVID hit. Now that the end of the pandemic is in sight, can she get the movement going again?

Please In Spanish, 9 Min.

Please In Spanish

Feeling disconnected from her Dominican heritage, a young woman warms to her cultural identity after meeting a lively neighbor.

12:00 PM - 1:30 PMFC Academy Presents: The Film School Showcase Film Block & Summer Camp FilmsBUY TICKETS
BedWars: Cheat Code, 14 Min.

BedWars: Cheat Code

It’s the BedWars World Championship match, and Ben and his teammates have been working for months to win… by building a cheat code. If it works, Ben will have the money to buy the bike of his dreams. But just as the game begins, he realizes that one of the players on the team they must defeat is a close friend from school. At that moment he has to decide… will he stick to the plan and become the king of BedWars, or will he do the right thing and play by the rules.

Frills, 3 Min.


A young girl learns the consequences of treating her friends poorly.

Lemonade, 7 Min.


Four young entrepreneurs must learn to work together before it’s too late. A hilarious take on the summer tradition of a Lemonade Stand.

Neither One Of Us, 5 Min.

Neither One Of Us

A young victim of abuse is left with no options and alienated from her community.

Created through The Acting Gym’s summer independent film program. A rigorous program for young professional and pre-professional artists in the film and entertainment industry. The program provides practical hands-on experience in every aspect of the filmmaking process – acting, writing, design, tech, post-production, etc. Each film is written, acted and crewed by students who work alongside experienced industry professionals.

Saving Her Majesty, 6 Min.

Saving Her Majesty

When three kids find a magic book, magic brings Queen Elizabeth 1 to the future. When she’s being chased by assassins, the kids must band together to save the queen.

Set Life, 5 Min.

Set Life

Every set has a Diva, and the it can always be a hard job dealing with her!

Tactical Action Gauntlet, 8 Min.

Tactical Action Gauntlet

They’ve all gotta survive; too many are gone now. But is sticking together really the wisest choice?

In a world where the only focus is to get away from some mysterious monster, we meet a small group of exhausted runners taking respite in their reliable hiding spot. Jak, pragmatic but sometimes blunt, criticizes the fact that the group stays together, because they’re only as fast as their slowest runner, aptly dubbed Small Fry. After a whispered heated argument, the group panics to find that the embarrassed Small Fry has slipped away. We follow Small Fry as she stumbles upon a new group of survivors, at first thinking they’ve saved her, but realizing they have no intention of letting her go. As the film unfolds, we find out exactly what everyone’s running from.

1:00 PM - 2:30 PMStudent-Made Animations Film BlockBUY TICKETS
Her, 2 Min.


A teenager is excited to celebrate her friend’s birthday.

Life of a Mayfly, 7 Min.

Life of a Mayfly

A mayfly is an insect that only lives for one day. This film revolves around a curious little mayfly and his adventure through life. It’s a deep take on the meaning of life and finding purpose, told in a sweet and simple story.

Rebirth, 1 Min.


An abstract poem about finding your-self. 

A short film made by RAW Art Works.

ROOM, 9 Min.


A teenager struggles with depression and social anxiety, expressing it through locking himself in his imaginary room where his life plays out. The film is shown from the boy’s perspective in his “room” showing how real life events affect him in it. Since the pandemic began, many teenagers have experienced feelings of isolation and some of them still struggle to overcome their depression even after the pandemic subsides as this boy can’t get out of his psychological lockdown.

Yesterday, Again, 11 Min.

Yesterday, Again

A man remembers his past, both good and bad, and his memories shape his choices.

2:00 PM - 3:30 PMSomething for Everyone! Shorts for Middle Schoolers and Above Film BlockBUY TICKETS
Courier On The Drive, 10 Min.

Courier On The Drive

Maxim has always dreamed of becoming a professional skateboarder. But in this endeavor, he is supported only by his younger sister, with whom the older brother does not want to communicate. Skateboarding competitions are approaching. Winning it means that the hero will be able to fulfill his dream,but there is one problem – to participate in the tournament, a professional skateboard is needed, which Maxim does not have.

Figgs' Very Merry Christmas, 16 Min.

Figgs' Very Merry Christmas

The young puppet Figgs Newton faces a race against time to save Christmas and maybe discover its true meaning along the way…

Luke and Emma and a Gas Station on Franklin Avenue, 13 Min.

Luke and Emma and a Gas Station on Franklin Avenue

A coming-of-age story set in 1980’s rural America where a mixed Asian boy navigates his way through love in a white world. This story focuses on 11-year-old Luke, who has a crush on his classmate Emma. They innocently talk and flirt outside while stopped at a gas station on a summer day, while Luke’s mother shops (and gets hit on by Emma’s father) inside the gas station’s mini-mart.

Out of Water, 13 Min.

Out of Water

When a disenchanted mermaid-for-hire is mistaken for a real one, she plays along to disastrous consequences.

Sunflower Field, 4 Min.

Sunflower Field

Under the shadowy threat of war, a young girl awaits a call from her father. As she waits, the day turns into night and she sinks into a dream from which she must find her way home.

The Polycees, 9 Min.

The Polycees

After a run-in with his slimy deputy, the Prime Minister’s young daughter is shocked to find a magical creature living in Parliament under her Dad’s desk!

3:30 PM - 5:00 PMAdventure Time! Shorts for Middle Schoolers and Above Film BlockBUY TICKETS
Brownies in the Dark, 35 Min.

Brownies in the Dark

Michael dreams about his favorite dessert as he anticipates his 12th birthday party. His powerful imaginings, coupled with a sprinkling of his grandmother’s creepy fairy dust, send him and his friends on a perilous, but wacky adventure. The entanglement also cuts Michael’s hectoring little brother down to proper size, and finally bridges the divide between the fractious siblings.

Buckets City, 7 Min.

Buckets City

The trials and tribulations of two best friends playing streetball against neighborhood bullies throughout their lives.

Mulberryhood, 14 Min.


It’s the summer of 2004. Three boys play ball in a parking lot. Two brothers interfere with the game. One ball.

Party of the Year, 12 Min.

Party of the Year

Jeremy and Eddie are not the most popular kids in school… but that’s all about to change if they’re able to get uber famous YouTube star Lady Crimson to come to their party! They only get one shot to throw the PARTY OF THE YEAR!

4:00 PM - 5:30 PMStudent-Made Narratives Film BlockBUY TICKETS
Courier On The Drive, 10 Min.

Courier On The Drive

Maxim has always dreamed of becoming a professional skateboarder. But in this endeavor, he is supported only by his younger sister, with whom the older brother does not want to communicate. Skateboarding competitions are approaching. Winning it means that the hero will be able to fulfill his dream,but there is one problem – to participate in the tournament, a professional skateboard is needed, which Maxim does not have.

Garage, 8 Min.


Dana is a perfectionist who cannot forgive herself for failures and weaknesses. She is preparing for a music competition, not sparing her vocal cords. Her teacher notices that the girl has a unique voice, but she doesn’t believe it. Perhaps the world of sounds and music is not as obvious as it seems, it keeps a lot of secrets.

Ovaryacting, 4 Min.


A young man must face his fears to make a personal purchase.

The Baseball Cap, 7 Min.

The Baseball Cap

A boy struggling in school is eventually diagnosed with dyslexia. With the help of his family and guided by the strong bond he shares with his brother, he begins his journey of overcoming it.

The Tea Party, 3 Min.

The Tea Party

Alice becomes anxious when her friends arrive early to her tea party. As her anxiety peaks, it triggers the characteristics of her ADHD to take on the form of characters from Alice in Wonderland. Will Alice be able to find the coping skills to make her tea party a success?

The Wealthy Wall, 8 Min.

The Wealthy Wall

When Charlie and Olga have a chance meeting, two worlds collide and young love may not be what it appears.

Tomorrow, 5 Min.


A young actress is dedicated to pursuing her acting career but meanwhile meets some obstacles. She becomes unable to distinguish real life from acting as her jealousy and desires take over her mind.

What's In The Bag?, 4 Min.

What's In The Bag?

A curious woman grows increasingly frustrated as she attempts to learn what’s in a bag.

7:00 PM - 9:00 PMNEYT Inc. Event & Feature


“NEYT INC. Season 1: A Nine-Part Documentary Series” explores the growing phenomenon of Spring youth football in New England, delving into the challenges, controversies, and triumphs of this beloved American sport. From the perspectives of coaches, players, parents and experts, this series provides a comprehensive look at the challenges faced by young football players, from the physical and mental tolls of the game to the challenges of navigating the pressure to win and the importance of sportsmanship. Through inspiring stories of perseverance, dedication, and teamwork, the series captures the essence of what it means to play football and the impact it has on young people, communities, and families in New England. Whether you are a football fan or just interested in the human experience, this series will leave you with a greater appreciation for the sport and the young athletes who play it.


Sunday November 12, 2023

10:00 AM - 11:30 AMAnimations for the Kiddos! Shorts for Ages 10 and Under Film BlockBUY TICKETS
Battle Plan, 5 Min.

Battle Plan

A car ride with Mum results in an epiphany for a young girl who must imagine her way to a better future.Her ideas grow and with them the chance to make a real difference.
Battle Plan, a musical ode to young activists everywhere.

Blueberry, 5 Min.


A determined, practical boy has a change of heart when his favorite food comes to life.

City Bird, 11 Min.

City Bird

A young girl, Linden escapes the hustle and bustle of New York City to go on an adventurous bird walk with her grandfather. Their journey is chronicled through the eyes of the girl’s stuffed penguin, Marney who is determined not to let go of their city roots. A documentary that combines fantastical elements to show the beauty of nature and friendship.

Homegrown, 6 Min.


Shel wants nothing more than to bring some greenery into her drab city-life, but all her plants end up in the compost bin. Feeling horticulturally hopeless, Shel stumbles upon a special seed that seems to grow on its own. Things soon sprout out of control when instead of a simple houseplant, the seed grows into a living, breathing baby radish! Seems Shel has gotten a lot more than she gardened for…

Love, Daddy, 3 Min.

Love, Daddy

Love, Daddy is a reflection on the excitement, stress, and fear that comes with being a parent.

Sugar Freed, 6 Min.

Sugar Freed

Fed up with her dentist mother, a little girl finds herself in a world made of candy run by gummy bears. When she discovers that they harvest the rotten teeth of children, she must overpower them by the power of dental hygiene.

The Adventures of Baxter & Clyde, 8 Min.

The Adventures of Baxter & Clyde

An adventurous boy & a magical duck join forces to avert a crisis of lunar proportions. Set in 1960 in rural Maine and inspired by American animated tv serials of that time.

The Sound Collector - Float Your Boat, 5 Min.

The Sound Collector - Float Your Boat

When the Sound Collector travels in his boat on the stream, things get a little out of hand – and so does his ukulele playing!

You Are Not Small, 2 Min.

You Are Not Small

This short, animated film “You Are Not Small” was created with Lucy Hawking, children’s book author and daughter of scientist Stephen Hawking. This film was inspired by her latest book series, “Princess Olivia Investigates” which helps young minds connect with climate science to understand how they can help save our planet too. Although scientists, activists and charity workers are adults, kids can also work together to do amazing things!

12:30 PM - 1:30 PMGoodnight Harriet: A Short Film for Ages 10 and Under Event & Film Block & WorkshopBUY TICKETS
Goodnight, Hairiette, 24 Min.

Goodnight, Hairiette

Goodnight, Hairiette tells the story of 7 year old Hairiette’s sleepless night as she wanders into her grandmother’s room (Nana Grace!) for a bedtime story. What unfolds is a timeless tale full of surprises about courage, community and the power and belief in being yourself. Goodnight, Hairiette is a filmed puppet musical!

After the screening, Tanya will host a “Ask Hairiette” session with the actual Hairiette puppet! Tanya will then lead a puppet making workshop where kids can make their own puppets to star in their very own stories.

Goodnight, Hairiette (a 24 minute filed puppet musical that comes with a picture book) tells the story of 7 year old Hairiette’s sleepless night as she wanders into her grandmother’s room (Nana Grace!) for a bedtime story. What unfolds is a timeless tale full of surprises about courage, community and the power and belief in being yourself. Goodnight, Hairiette includes an SEL/ literacy guide tied to standards for teachers and activity guide for kids. Goodnight, Hairiette is also available in Spanish and there is an audio only/closed caption option for dyslexic learners. License the stage play and perform it in your school! Goodnight, Hairiette is the prequel to the Hairiette of Harlem Chapter Book Series to debut September 2024. “Keep on being who you are, it will take you very far!”

Tanya Wright, Ed. M is a two-time SAG Award winner (Best Ensemble) for her portrayal of Crystal Burset in Orange is the New Black. Tanya received her master’s in Learning Design, Innovation and Technology from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. While there, Tanya won the Harvard Innovative Venture in Education (HIVE) Award (most promising early stage venture), the Education Entrepreneurship Fellowship and was a finalist in the Saul Zaentz Early Education Innovation Initiative for Hairiette. Tanya has appeared in countless TV series including True Blood, Madame Secretary, “24” and The Good Wife.

2:00 PM - 3:00 PMAll About the Kiddos! Shorts for Ages 10 and Under Film BlockBUY TICKETS
Bedwoman, 6 Min.


Lorin has a secret in her bed. Will she be able to keep it from her mother?

Blueberry, 5 Min.


A determined, practical boy has a change of heart when his favorite food comes to life.

Fever, 7 Min.


Dario’s doll has a fever. He takes care of it, not knowing his enviroment will be shaken by this.

Oren's Way, 16 Min.

Oren's Way

A clever princess must capture a magical Golden Fox in order to save her kingdom from eternal sadness but on her journey, she conquers obstacles – the last of which reveals a hidden truth about herself.

Robots Don't Tell Jokes, 3 Min.

Robots Don't Tell Jokes

Robot thinks he has a wonderful joke, so he keeps trying to tell it, but none of the other robots ever laugh. They tell him “robots don’t tell jokes…” Will Robot give up on his awesome joke or will he find his tribe? Stop-motion using mainly wood scraps and metal pieces.

The Menace from Above, 6 Min.

The Menace from Above

In the shallow waters of the Red Sea, a happy-go-lucky fish is forced to set out on a journey to save the sea creatures from the soulless monster before it kills all life underwater.